Stop the hassle of pre-season setup of display information and software updates. Let the Sloan Implement AMS team get your machine ready. Click a service below to see more information.


Sloan Implement RTK

RTK from John Deere provides highly accurate, repeatable corrections from global positioning system (GPS) to John Deere’s suite of precision ag applications. RTK Utilizes a local, ground-based reference station that transmits the high-accuracy corrections to a StarFire receiver on a machine via RTK Radios. StarFire RTK accuracy depends on the distance between the base station and the machine. The shorter the distance, the more accurate the system will be. In general, the accuracy of StarFire RTK is described below. 

  • +/- 2.5cm (1 in.), 95 percent of the time
  • Up to 20 km (12 miles) line of sight
  • Measured at the receiver every 15 minutes
  • We have 41 RTK towers spread out between Illinois and Wisconsin

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Apex Data Management

Tired of struggling with APEX or just want to start mapping and keeping records of your data? Contact us to get set up with our mapping service. We will provide a new data card or flash drive each year so that you can keep your old data in a safe place for backup. We will make sure your equipment is up to date and also get your monitor loaded with all your setup data including farms, fields, clients and varieties.

After planting, we will print your variety maps and reports and get you set up for harvest with variety locator. We will then print your harvest maps and reports after you are finished with the years harvest. All of this is included for just $500 a year.

Call us at 217.693.6209

Gator Mapping Services

We now offer field mapping with our Gator using RTK signal. We can map boundary lines, waterways, as well as guidance lines. This works great when using Section Control to plant or spray through waterways. You can also utilize these boundaries to ensure that you or your operators are in the correct field.

Simply hit the “Find Field” button when you pull into a field with a mapped boundary and it will know the Client, Farm, and Field associated with it and populate them into the drop down boxes. All your guidance lines for that field will be pre-loaded as well. You can then select the line you want to use, center the line with where you’re at and take off. This eliminates the need to make new guidance lines every time you enter a field. Mapping will cost $1.25/acre with minimum acreage required.

Call us at 217.693.6209

Harvest - Max Partners

Sloan Implement has partnered up with Harvest – Max Partners. Harvest – Max Partners is here to help people make sense of the all the information that precision agriculture has provided them. They are an ag consulting company. Harvest-Max is here to help you understand the tools available to you through your precision ag equipment. Feel comfortable knowing that they are not here to sell a product but offer you service to teach you how to operate and understand what your operation is doing. They will take the data that has been collected, analyze, validate their findings to give you a prescription that works for your operation.

To find out more information click below to view an online brochure or contact our AMS call center to find out more information.

Call us at 217.693.6209

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