Stop the hassle of pre-season setup of display information and software updates. Let the Sloan Implement AMS team get your machine ready! For more information please call the Sloan Support Help Line at 217.693.6209. 

Our Mapping Service Includes:

Update the software on all your displays and receivers.

  • Organize your Farm and Field names to make sure they are consistent across all displays and all operations to avoid confusion amongst operators.
  • Get your displays loaded with all your setup data including Farms, Fields, Clients, and Varieties for the Spring season and the Fall Season.
  • Download information from display, clean up data, and print maps and reports.
  • Setup Variety Locator for automatic variety detection and recording.
  • New Data Card/Flash Drive included for each crop year.
  • Insure machine is properly equipped to execute prescriptions/documentation.
  • Upload your historical data to MyJohnDeere.com if you would like to access your data from anywhere using an internet capable device or computer. 
  • Training on how to use the shape file converter and how to use the prescription import function on the display. We will also send the raw data memory stick or card to your agronomist so they can retrieve the as applied data. 

An additional fee will be assessed for the following:

  • Importing shape files from agronomist into Apex and convert them from shape file to Deere format.
  • Checking scripts for obvious errors (i.e. decimal point or comma location, using the correct units, etc).
  • Insure that when imported into the screen it will load correctly.
  • Export the as applied data as a shape file or raw data back to the agronomist.
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