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John Deere 630F

John Deere 630F

Description: Contour Master, Header Height Sensing, Single-Point, Composite Fingers, Tall Stone Dam, Long/Short Sections.

Price: $ 11,990 USD

Year: 2003

Stock: 101383

John Deere 630F

John Deere 630F


Price: $ 14,900 USD

Year: 2008

Stock: 101294

John Deere 630F

John Deere 630F

Description: 30ft flex head, all new stainless, folding snouts, reel straight, nice head.

Price: $ 17,900 USD

Year: 2010

Stock: 100898

John Deere 630FD

John Deere 630FD

Description: dual knife drive, HHS, single point, Fore/Aft, Flip over kit, single belt per side, stubble lights.

Price: $ 76,900 USD

Year: 2016

Stock: 100524


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