High-Speed Discs from Kinze and Degelman

Whats New?

The fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own
Pro-Till® now comes in 20, 26, 33, and 40-foot models to fit your operation. Designed to shred heavy fall residue, open up spring fields, level ruts, destroy clods and produce an absolutely perfect seedbed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage.

High Speed Tillage
Cultivate over 10 MPH
The Pro-Till shreds residue at speeds over 10 mph while ensuring uniform distribution of residue, critical for no-till rotations. Problems such as poor residue distribution, uneven emergence, delayed emergence, hair pinning, erosion and seeder/planter plugging are eliminated with the Pro-Till.

Fields can be hampered by tough heavy residue from crops like flax, peas, sunflowers, barley, wheat, soybeans, and BT corn. This is no longer a problem. Pro-Till is ideally pulled fast- 10 to 14 mph. The patent-pending combination of independent disc arms, with small diameter shallow discs, motion dampening rubber suspension, sturdy frame and cutting-edge consolidating rollers allow this tillage tool to slice through residue as never seen before. Pro-Till will cut, weed, throw and mix soils at incredible speeds and usually in one pass. This is a true residue-killing machine.

Wet or Dry
Challenging Conditions
A Pro-Till cultivator has the unique ability to cultivate and warm the soil during cold wet conditions when all other forms of tillage plug and fail.

In the midst of a long wet spring, getting seed in the ground to allow adequate time for the growing season is critical. Heavy cold soils need to be black and warm for ideal germination conditions. In as little as one day and after one pass, frigid heavy residue soil is cut, turned, mixed, reactivated, warmed, topically dried and ready for planting/seeding. Pro-Till in the spring can mean the difference between success and failure.

Seedbed Prep
Prepare Your Seedbed Fast
Seedbed preparation is the very foundation for a strong growing season. Ideally, robust biological activity is enhanced through the accepting, storing and transmitting of water, gases and nutrients. Pro-Till® high-performance cultivation levels ruts, crushes clods and produces an absolutely perfect seedbed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage.

Level Ruts
Pro-Till is your single spring and fall solution to tillage needs. Pro-Till is ideal for field finishing, leveling and filling ruts and tracks in the spring or fall. Today’s heavy tractors, trucks, sprayers, grain carts and center-fill planters can produce deep compacted ruts that seriously restrict roots growing space, inhibiting yields and potentially damaging expensive equipment.

The Degelman Pro-Till compact disc cultivator has just the right amount of dirt carrying capacity to level almost any field. One or two additional cross direction passes may be required to completely level and fill the most severe ruts.

Oversized, Over Built
Degelman designers are passionate about getting it right. Farm tools with the least amount of moving parts will simply last longer. Degelman is renowned for building overbuilt and under complicated equipment. Less is always more.

Perfect Downforce
Weight equals penetration. Without it, the discs will ride out of the ground if soil conditions are too hard. In order for the discs to work well in hard soil and heavy trash conditions, an adequate downward force is required. Other machines require extra weight stacks, but the 23,000 lb. Pro-Till® cultivator carries this weight in the frame where it should be..

Floating Self-Contour Technology
Degelman’s floating section design allows the Pro-Till to “Self-Contour” as it follows the curvature of the varying terrain. The independent wing sections allow horizontal contouring for steep inclines or downward slopes up to 6 degrees. The contour angles between the front frame and the rear center section also provide excellent front to back flexibility to help traverse demanding hills and valleys. This floating, self-contouring design coupled with the Pro-Till independent discs help produce a flawless, uniform field.

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