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Assumption, IL

Welcome to the Assumption Sloan Implement.  Built in 1931, this is the original Sloan Implement.  With over $70 million in new and used equipment on hand, our Assumption store is one of the largest John Deere dealerships in the USA. Assumption is also the home to Sloan Implement’s sister company, Sloan Express. Sloan Express is an aftermarket ag parts dealer.  Swing by our Assumption location and talk to one of our 70 employees about any of your John Deere needs!


120 N. Business 51 Assumption, IL 62510



Toll Free: 800-745-4020



Normal Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: Open 7:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday: Open 7:00am to 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Seasonal hours of operation vary by store and weather conditions. Check with your local Sloans dealership for seasonal hours.

  • The best implement dealer around! Service and response to breaks downs are second to none!

    Clay Lyon Avatar Clay Lyon
  • Sloan Lawn and Garden service is second to none. patience is necessary for the homeowner that desires a JD

    Mark Santas Avatar Mark Santas
  • Larry is always more than fair and honest. He is so easy to work with. He always has everything ready for us when we walk in the door. Each time is a better buying experience This is our 3rd John Deere. Always upgrading each time. The service is always fast and friendly, also. Definitely recommend Sloan Implement.

    Cindy Gaddis Avatar Cindy Gaddis
  • We’ve dealt with Sloans for over 30 years. Top notch staff top to bottom. Sales, service and parts all go the extra mile for their customers. With multiple locations throughout the area there’s always a store close to me.

    Bob Orris Avatar Bob Orris
  • Sloans is a great partner. Good people, good service and good products. Product support is second to none. If there happens to be an issue they will try to make it right as soon as possible!

    Jeff Kraft Avatar Jeff Kraft
  • Great folks.

    Dean Downs Avatar Dean Downs
  • I’m not in the implementation business, but knowing the the Sloan John Deere family for 30 years makes me 100% confident that the Sloan teams are taking care of our farming families in Illinois and afar. Your customers appreciate your dedication and your efforts.

    Stephen Chilton Avatar Stephen Chilton
  • Sloan Implement is the best of the best! We wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

    Kristin Schrock Avatar Kristin Schrock
  • Biết đến bao giờ mới được ôm em John Deere 2040 DT nhỉ. Mơ ước chỉ là mơ thôi!!!

    Nguyễn Nam Avatar Nguyễn Nam
  • I had a zero turn start to cut funny, went to my local dealer in Mt Horeb and was told they could look at it in 3 weeks? I mow for my business, Clear Cut Lawn Care and this was just not going to cut it. I called down to Monroe, where I bought the machine last year, I was told bring it done in the morning and we will get you right in and they did. Leveled the deck, check rpm's and found a bent blade. Was in and out in 30 min, will be driving the 40 min instead of 2 minutes for all my lawn care needs, thank you for having my business in mind.

    Bill Copus Avatar Bill Copus

Tom Sloan – CEO – tsloan@sloans.com

Jim Steck – COO – jsteck@sloans.com

Jeff Sloan – President – jsloan@sloans.com

Grant Tice – Sales Manager – gtice@sloans.com

Brent Curry – Lawn & Garden/Ag Sales – bcurry@sloans.com

Weston Adcock – Ag Sales – wadcock@sloans.com

Cody Hatcher – Ag Sales – CHatcher@sloans.com

Chris Saxe – Ag Retail Solutions – csaxe@sloans.com

Lucas Veale – AMS/Product Support – LVeale@sloans.com

Jared Wheeler – AMS/Product Support – jwheeler@sloans.com

Nick Smith – AMS/Product Support – nsmith@sloans.com

Austin Dowdy – AMS/Product Support – adowdy@sloans.com

Dustin Duduit – JD Parts Manager – dduduit@sloans.com

Joe Lehman – JD Parts Sales – jlehman@sloans.com

Matt Hunter – JD Parts Sales – mhunter@sloans.com

Jason Matthews – JD Parts Sales – jmatthews2@sloans.com

Mike Wooters – JD Parts Sales – mwooters@sloans.com

Jared Matthews – Service Manager – jmatthews@sloans.com

Paul Callan – Lawn & Garden Service Manager – PCallan@sloans.com

Craig Berner – Trucking/Shop Foreman – cberner@sloans.com

Matt Nollman – Freight Manager – mnollman@sloans.com

Brett Fleigle – Sloan Express Manager – bfleigle@sloans.com

Steven Rhoades – Sloan Express Sales – srhoades@sloans.com

Mark Sims – Sloan Express Sales/E-commerce – msims@sloans.com

Nick Brazel – Sloan Express Sales/Purchasing – nbrazel@sloans.com

Corey Kay – Express Warehouse Manager – ckay@sloans.com

Brandon Etherton – Sloan Express Sales – betherton@sloans.com

Shane Howell – Sloan Express Sales – showell@sloans.com

Brian Sims – Aftermarket Manager – bsims@sloans.com

Jeff Stump – Safety Coordinator – jstump@sloans.com

Sara McRae – Human Resources – smcrae@sloans.com

Bryan Bender – Corporate IT Manager – bbender@sloans.com

Gerry Rodden – IT Support – grodden@sloans.com

Brandon Blades – Media Manager/Marketing – bblades@sloans.com

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  • Excellent people. If you need anything be sure to stop in and ask for Weston.

    Ron Price Avatar Ron Price

    Very polite and helpful, the parts I needed only came to $18.02 but I was treated like I was just... read more

    Rick Ivester Avatar Rick Ivester

    Ordered some used parts from Sloan in Assumption, IL that were listed on their website. Everything works great and the... read more

    Jordan Uthoff Avatar Jordan Uthoff
  • My experience with Sloan’s in Assumption was excellent,easy and helpful.Will definitely be a return customer.

    William Gilman Avatar William Gilman

    Great equipment. Great prices. Great service.

    Scott Wooters Avatar Scott Wooters

    Jason Matthews did a wonderful job looking up and getting my parts to me. Great place to do business.

    David Keown Avatar David Keown
  • Sloan implement‘s service,parts,and sales is the best.For all you do thank you

    Rex Wilhour Avatar Rex Wilhour

    Sloan implement‘s service,parts,and sales is the best.For all you do thank you

    Rex Wilhour Avatar Rex Wilhour

    Jason Matthews and Jared Matthews excellent job

    Larry Hamblen Avatar Larry Hamblen
  • Grande staf tecnico ottimi rapporti umani .Jeff Sloan carissimo amico

    Massimo Motti Avatar Massimo Motti

    Very helpful and knowledgeable service people.

    Doug Watret Avatar Doug Watret

    Thanks Brent you’re the man with the plan when I come to buy something new

    Jay Smith Avatar Jay Smith
  • Grant Tice is a nice guy and easy to get along with. Veey helpful.

    Charlie Durbin Avatar Charlie Durbin

    Dalton Burgess was very courteous and knowledgeable in searching for the parts we needed.

    Pam Sims Avatar Pam Sims

    Jason Matthews has helped me tremendously in the parts selections that I have needed to keep my operation going John... read more

    John Litz Avatar John Litz
  • Always a pleasure doing business with Jason and Dustin back in the parts department they always go the extra mile... read more

    Robert W Hamby Avatar Robert W Hamby

    1st time visit to purchase John Deere parts. Welcomed and treated very well !!

    Thank you Matt for the great service.... read more

    Douglas Dukeman Avatar Douglas Dukeman

    Great place Good technical support friendly service.

    Delmar Clifton Avatar Delmar Clifton
  • These people are on top of it all, they get the job done right. Very clean, polite, and friendly staff.... read more

    In Cognito Avatar In Cognito

    Thanks Brent...great people do buy from ..far better than local box stores and better prices....glad i finally got smart

    Frank Gollahon Avatar Frank Gollahon

    Jeff Sloan was awesome to work with! It’s nice to be able to do business with family businesses rather... read more

    Steve Heyn Avatar Steve Heyn
  • Great service and knowledgeable staff! It is always worth coming back.

    Ryan Damery Avatar Ryan Damery

    A fine business!My dad went there for parts in the 1950s.America needs more like them.

    Linda Baggot Avatar Linda Baggot

    Great place to go if you are a farm toy collector. The place to go for lawn and garden equipment.... read more

    Scott Busboom Avatar Scott Busboom
  • Got a new RSX 860i on 3/4/2016 at Sloan's in Montfort WI. What a great group of people to do... read more

    Steve Cindy Nicholls Avatar Steve Cindy Nicholls

    Great product line and outstanding customer service!

    John Ridley Avatar John Ridley

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