Stop the hassle of creating guidance lines each time you enter the field and stop fighting bad boundaries that turn on/off your clutches as the wrong time.

We now offer field mapping with our Gator using RTK signal. We can map boundary lines, waterways, as well as guidance lines. This works great when using Section Control to plant or spray through waterways. You can also utilize these boundaries to ensure that you or your operators are in the correct field.

Simply hit the “Find Field” button when you pull into a field with a mapped boundary and it will know the Client, Farm, and Field associated with it and populate them into the drop down boxes. All your guidance lines for that field will be pre-loaded as well. You can then select the line you want to use, center the line with where you’re at and take off. This eliminates the need to make new guidance lines every time you enter a field. Mapping will cost $2/acre with minimum acreage required.

We see and hear too often about customers that have inaccurate boundaries and guidance lines. We can create all new guidance lines for you that are named appropriately so that all operators know which line is which. This is meant to help remember which line you used last time and eliminates the need of creating a new one on the fly. Using RTK, we can also map the boundary of your fields to use with row shut-offs on planters and sprayers. The boundaries should not shift on you as long as you are also using RTK during these operations. With boundaries, you also can use the Find Field feature on the display that when selected will identify which field you are in. This is good for operators that are not sure the name of the fields they are in. Also, will soon have the ability to spatially sort data that comes in but you will need a boundary for this to work. You can take advantage of this feature and the guidance lines without owning RTK.

Our Boundary/Guidance Line Service Includes:

Update the software on all your displays and receivers.

  • Sit down with you and see where you want lines made. 

  • Run boundaries on fields. 

  • Run guidance lines on fields. 

  • Clean up field names, guidance lines and boundaries in Apex.


For more information please call the Sloan Support Help Line at 217.693.6209.

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