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Welcome to the Sloan Implement Video Resource Center. Here you can find tutorials on John Deere AMS systems, balers, combines, planters, Sloan’s services, as well as other miscellaneous videos. Watch videos that cover inspection points, “how-to” instructions, service instructions, and maintenance items. See any familiar faces? We produce, direct, and edit these videos ourselves with our AMS specialists playing the lead in these videos. You can get answers to your questions by technicians that have a high level of experience with the machinery in these videos. Sloan Implement wants to put you in the driver’s seat and give you the tools and knowledge to understand your machine better, keeping your machine running in top condition all season long. To get started, simply click on the green playlist title bar below to expand the videos in each playlist. To play the video click the video you want to see and turn the volume up.

Attention: Software Update 19-3 is now available for download.

GENERATION 4 DISPLAY (4600 v2, 4640, 4240, & 4200) DOWNLOAD or see video below for updates.

GREENSTAR 3 2630 & GREENSTAR 2 (1800 & 2600) – DOWNLOAD





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