Bulk Oil & DEF Delivery

Advantages of Bulk Oil/DEF Delivery

Lower Cost

Who wouldn’t want to pay less for something you currently pay for.

Free Delivery

As if we weren’t saving you enough money, our Bulk Oil Program offers FREE delivery.

Pick Up Of Used Oil

Let us know how much used oil you have to pick up and consider it gone, free of charge.


With our Bulk Oil Program, your efforts are as simple as realizing your oil has been delivered. 

Genuine John Deere Oil

There is a difference between high-performance oils and oils that just meet the minimum industry requirements.

Bulk Oil & DEF Program

Bulk Engine Oil

$ 10
00 Per Gallon
  • John Deere 15W40 PLUS50 II

Bulk Transmission Fluid

$ 8
50 Per Gallon
  • John Deere HY-GARD

Bulk DEF

$ 1
29 Per Gallon
  • Bulk DEF

Used Oil Pickup

  • With purchase of a Bulk Delivery

Bulk DEF Delivery

Along with our Bulk DEF delivery, our truck will always be stocked with several common shop products to keep you going when you need it most. 

Meet Our Drivers

Southern Bulk DEF Driver

Ryan Ruot

Southern Bulk Oil Driver

Larry Davis

Northern Bulk Oil/DEF Driver

Ben Bork

Place Bulk Oil/DEF Order

*Taxes may apply

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