Sloan 12F Folding Corn Head

Chopping and Non-Chopping Models


John Deere Parts
Our Sloan 12F Custom Folding Corn Head uses John Deere parts and part numbers to provide our customers the highest quality serviceability and repairability on the market, while also providing you with unmatched affordability. The Sloan/Deere combination gives you the best folding cornhead available from industry leading brands at a competitive price point.

Custom Modified
Originally a John Deere 612C Corn Head, the Sloan 12F is custom modified by a world-leading manufacturer to fit your needs at the best price range possible. Our custom modification process allows us to alter John Deere 612C and 612CC models and transform them into top-of-the-line folding cornheads that fit your needs and standards.

Easy Setup
Sloan has built the Sloan 12F Custom Folding Corn Head with you in mind. Easy setup, all John Deere supported parts, and a competitive price point make the Sloan 12F the leading choice for any farmer in need of a folding corn head.

612C before Conversion
After Sloan Conversion 1
After Sloan Conversion 2


Easy to Use
The Sloan 12F Custom Folding Corn Head comes with an easy to use, wireless remote to operate the cornhead folding mechanism. This provides you a seamless, simple, and automatic mechanism for deploying and retracting the Sloan 12F cornhead in the field.

Long Battery Life
Remote uses a Micro USB port to charge and has a long battery life (30 hours continuous use).

Available Sloan 12F Custom Folding Cornheads

For more details, visit the link associated with the cornhead you’re interested in.

Model Year Location Stock # Serial Price Link
Sloan 12F Chopping 2014 Atwood, IL 40528 1H00612CCEC765808 $89,900 Link
Sloan 12F Chopping 2013 Atwood, IL 41574 1H00612CPCC755353 $85,900 Link
Sloan 12F Chopping 2013 Assumption, IL 24234 1H00612CEDC756077 $85,900 Link
Sloan 12F 2011 Effingham, IL 69229 1H0612CXVB0740115 $69,900 Link
Sloan 12F 2011 White Hall, IL 22426 1H0612CXCB0740484 $69,900 Link
Sloan 12F 2010 Atwood, IL 13524 1H0612CXEA0735906 $64,900 Link
Sloan 12F 2008 Hamel, IL 22004 H0612CX725239 $54,900 Link


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